HypnoBirthing Classes Papamoa, Tauranga

Hello and welcome to my page 'Love your birth', thanks for visiting. I'm Sophie and here is where I tell you a little bit about myself and my journey to become a HypnoBirthing Practitioner. 


I moved to Papamoa (from Auckland) in 2009, it was quite a big change at the time but can now not imagine living anywhere else.  I love the beach, the lifestyle and being able to wear beach gear everywhere! 


After trying for a baby for nearly 2 years my husband and I found out we were pregnant in May 2014 and were completely over-the-moon. Our journey to become pregnant had taught us so much about lifestyle, diet and general well-being and how the body and reproductive system work; I found both the scientific and the holistic advice fascinating, and discovered that when you use a little bit of both, mind and body work better together.  


I always knew I wanted to have a natural birth, I knew that if at all possible I wanted my baby to be born un-drugged and alert, but I know myself well enough to know that I like to be prepared for all situations.  I'm that girl who always has the biggest suitcase with something for every season and every occasion packed no matter where I'm going and what the time of year!  A good friend of mine and my sister had both practiced HypnoBirthing for their first births and had had great experiences, unlike many other people who I talked to. So I did some research and found there were no practitioners in Tauranga, but found Vicki Bullick in Cambridge.  So we booked in and travelled over to Cambridge for the classes.  After our first session even my very-much-so engineering minded husband said to me on the way home “it just makes sense”.  The philosophy and practicality of HypnoBirthing is based on the simple premise that women’s bodies are designed to give birth.


On February 1st 2015 after three short hours our beautiful baby boy Samuel was born, he was 8 pound 12 (nearly 4kg).  My birth was an experience I will treasure forever and I truly believe I have HypnoBirthing to thank for that.  My husband and I worked as a team to bring our baby into this world in a calm, natural way and our parenting has continued this way. 


It was shortly after this that I was telling my midiwife how I wish so many other women could experience what I had experienced, and how it would be great to have a practitioner in Tauranga, with that my midwife said 'why don't you start teaching HypnoBirthing? You can do it'! And a couple of months later I booked in for the practitioner training course.  After months of study and hard work I became a fully qualified HypnoBirthing  Practitioner.  I have now been teaching since January 2016. 


Since then I have also had my second HypnoBirthing baby, Eleanor Rose, born in 2017. Also another amazing empowering experience, and that time I had a little more self awareness and arrived at the Bethlehem Birthing centre in time to make it into the pool ;) 


So here I am in beautiful Papamoa, here to spread the word about HypnoBirthing and help mothers and fathers prepare for birth, prepare for parenting, and have the memorable, happy birthing experience they so deserve.