HypnoBirthing Classes Papamoa, Tauranga

Frequently Asked Questions...

When Should I Start Classes?

You can begin your HypnoBirthing classes at any time, but we recommend that if possible, you start your classes between weeks 15 and 30 of pregnancy. This will give you enough time to practice the techniques you will learn during the classes.  If you’d prefer to start classes earlier or later in your pregnancy, that is perfectly fine.


Who Do I Bring to Classes?

Bring your birth companion(s) and of course, yourself and that beautiful bubs to be. Your birth companion(s) can be your partner, midwife, doula, mother, sister, friend or whoever you intend to have by your side during the birth of your child.  The limit is two birthing partners per mother.  You can also do the classes by yourself if you’d prefer.


How is the Birth Companion involved?

The birth companion helps to prepare the mother for birth by assisting her in performing her relaxation techniques required during labour and birth.   The birth companion also helps the mother during the birthing process by helping her to feel comfortable, bringing her anything she needs (like water) and also by offering support and reassurance to the mother should the mother forget the breathing techniques learned during the HypnoBirthing course.  It is also the role of the birth companion to liaise with the mother and health professionals during the birthing process.


Is HypnoBirthing different from other childbirth preparation classes?

Yes it is. Other childbirth preparation classes educate you about what can potentially go ‘wrong’ with your pregnancy, about pain management and other interventions that can be given to you during your birth.  HypnoBirthing teaches you how to listen to your birthing body and follow it’s lead during the birth of your child.  HypnoBirthing also empowers and educates women and their birthing partners about the birth process, what to expect and what questions to ask so that they can achieve the birth they desire alongside their health care providers.  This empowerment helps women and their birthing partners to feel comfortable, calm and instead of fear the upcoming birth, get excited about it.  As a result, births are usually shorter in duration, have less medical intervention and are actually enjoyed by both mother and birthing partner.  When we have fear during birth, our body tenses which creates pain.  Clench your fist (as you were if you were frightened), now try to pass a pen through your clenched hand….it’s not easy!  HypnoBirthing helps to release that fear with relaxation techniques, guided meditations, visualisations and by educating you about the ins and outs of what your body does during the birthing process so that you don’t clench, but instead relax and open.


Should I still attend ante-natal classes?

It is entirely up to you.  In HypnoBirthing we focus on natural birthing but do touch on special circumstances should interventions be necessary.  If you go to both antenatal classes and HypnoBirthing you will be well informed on all aspects of birth and will be able to make more informed desicisions.  'Knowledge is power' as they say!


My Obstetrician/midwife is not familiar with hypnobirthing.  Can I still do HypnoBirthing?

Of course you can.  The good news is, many Obstetricians and midwives are now recommending HypnoBirthing.  However, if they are unfamiliar, you will learn all the techniques needed in your HypnoBirthing class to help you talk to your health care providers about your birth plan.  Please talk to me about how we can help to inform your health care providers about what HypnoBirthing is.


Will HypnoBirthing be useful to me if I choose to have a C-section or epidural or if medical intervention is required?

Absolutely. During the HypnoBirthing course, you will learn relaxation techniques that will be useful to both you and your baby, pre, during and post birth, regardless of how you plan on birthing your child.  Throughout pregnancy and birth HypnoBirthing will help to keep you positive, relaxed and in a calm state of mind.  This helps both your body and your baby in any situation.


My first birthing experience has left me emotionally scarred and scared about birth; can HypnoBirthing help me prepare for my next birth? 

Yes, most definitely!  HypnoBirthing will help you to release any fears and negative memories and replace them with positive thoughts and images. I will help you understand how the body works and how fear affects the birthing muscles along with give you confidence in your body and prepare you for a positive birthing experience for baby number two, three, four and more ;) 


I want a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean), can HypnoBirthing help?

Yes it can.  For many of the above mentioned reasons.  


Will I remember my birth?

You will indeed!  Self-hypnosis is just a way to describe the deep state of relaxation that you will be in.  You will be aware of everything that is going on around you and will be able to respond and communicate with anyone you choose.    Just like doing meditation, you are aware of everything around you but you can still clear your mind and relax.  As you will be more relaxed, you will actually be more alert and focused at the time of your birth.  You will also have more energy as you won’t be wasting any energy on clenching muscles or being anxious or nervous.


Does HypnoBirthing mean pain free or silent birth?

We do not promise a pain free birth, however most HypnoBirthing mothers report that although there was a lot of pressure felt during their birth, they felt in control and relaxed.  They can feel discomfort, however rarely report to being in pain but rather that the sensations they felt they could manage easily using the techniques they had learnt during the course.  HypnoBirthing mothers birth in many different ways.  Some find power in their voice and are louder, some only make deep breathing noises.  All births are individual and unique to that mother and bub to be.


Is HypnoBirthing a bit of a 'hippie' thing??? 

No, Hypnobirthing it is for everyone!  There is medical knowledge and science behind the crux of the entire program...it's based on the female anatomy and how the birthing muscles and nervous system work during birth.  Even my very much engineering-minded husband was hooked after one class!  It's practical and makes complete sense...women are amazing beings ;)