HypnoBirthing Classes Papamoa, Tauranga

HypnoBirthing  with Sophie Brooke

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change" Marie Mongan


What is HypnoBirthing?


Contemporary women in our culture can hold an unprecedented fear of giving birth, too often associating it with excruciating pain, thereby causing their bodies to become unable to perform what should be a normal physiological function. HypnoBirthing™ is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education enhanced by self‑hypnosis and guided imagery techniques that allow women to use their natural abilities to bring about safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing.  

The HypnoBirthing programme is based on the philosophy that childbirth is normal, natural and healthy and therefore can be achieved without intervention, fear, or severe pain.  It teaches mothers (and fathers) techniques in deep relaxation, self hypnosis, breathing, visualization, along with affirmations to be used throughout birth.   When a woman is properly prepared and trusts her birthing body she can achieve a calmer, gentler, more natural birth.  


HypnoBirthing techniques can be used by anyone, any time, anywhere.  The success rate of natural birthing using these techniques is phenomenal.  Your body is designed to birth, your baby knows how to birth, you can do it!  Whether you have fears or anxieties about birth or you like to make sure you've done the most you can to prepare in life, you will love the classes and benefit greatly.  The course is a full antenatal class, and within them we prepare you for all sorts of situations; sometimes births take a slightly different path to what you might have planned but you and your partner will be prepared, calm and able and ready to make informed decisions all the way.  You will have confidence in your partnership and your birthing body.  The information and preparation you learn in HypnoBirthing classes is invaluable.  See more >>

Please note, it's best to start classes between 20 - 30 weeks pregnant so you aren't too tired for the evening classes and have time to practice the techniques; to allow enough time for the 5 weekly sessions and plenty of practice before baby arrives please book as early in your pregnancy as possible.  Contact me to register your interest and/or schedule dates for your course.

What you will learn...

HypnoBirthing classes will teach you many skills to use during birth and life in general: 


  • Logical and practical facts about how the birthing body works to give you confidence in it's perfect design.

  • Full childbirth education is included in the course
    (e.g. parenting, nutrition, how to prepare yourself)

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Visualisation

  • Self Hypnosis

  • Affimations

  • How to release any fears or worries you might have surrounding all stages, prenatal, birth and postnatal. 

  • And much more See more >>

How it will help your birth...

The benefits of HypnoBirthing classes are as follows: 


  • Reduces, and normally eliminates the need for epidurals, chemical pain relief, episiotomy and other interventions.

  • Your birthing companion is included and very much an integral part of the birthing.  

  • A more relaxed, calm and enjoyable pregnancy.

  • Shortens the first stage of labour by several hours.

  • Lessens fatigue during labour.

  • More rapid postnatal recovery.

  • Essential bonding between mother, father (birth partner) and baby, means happy, well adjusted babies.

  • A calm confident birth; leaving you with a positive birthing experience and a happy memory to look back on.